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Top 5 Mining pools of 2021

If you are a miner or pretend to mine crypto assets, you’ll need help to be able to compete with coordinated efforts to solve a block of the pools. For that reason, mining pools are created to provide the blockchain with the power to process the transaction with record times.

These fees are divided between all the mining pool members that solved the block, as well as the rewards. Here we are going to show the best mining pools to join right now.

New Miner’s pick: Slush Pool

This was the first pool to be created. It is located on the Czech Republic and has the most credibility of all pools. Their servers are worldwide and has a demo to familiarize yourself with the system. Also, this pool mine 3% of all the blocks.

The downside is that their fees are relatively high when compared the average of other pools. Its payment method, depends on the score you acquire by staying on the pool and your hash rate. This means that your earnings will improve with time. 

The most Flexible: Via BTC

This pool not only has many coins to choose from when mining, it also provides its miners with various paying methods. It has the most common paying method PPS+ where the pool pays the miner for their share submitted providing a stable pay-out. 

Other popular paying method that this pool offers is Pay Per Last N Shares where even if the block failed it counts your hash contribution to the total when the next valid block is solved. 

The Biggest One: AntPool

Joining the biggest pool in the world has its benefits, since it will have the best hash power available. Antpool mines about 14% of all bitcoin blocks that exist. It has the same paying methods as Via BTC but it has smaller pay outs. 

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This is obviously a condition of being the largest, since it will have to divide the reward between all the miners. However, earnings are paid daily if you have mined a minimum of 0.001 BTC

The most Lucrative:

While the last two mining pools have its base of operations in China, this is a well-known company that is based in Germany, USA and China. This pool is increasing its popularity because its paying method is very profitable.

This paying method is known as FPPS or Full Pay Per Share, where calculates a standard transaction fee and adds it to the reward for discovered block. Also, this is a well stablished company so it has very high credibility.

The most Secure: F2Pool

This pool and Antpool have always fought for the place of the biggest one. Moreover, both of them offer virtually the same service. However, F2pool has great customer service, but it has the highest fee of all pools per transaction.

Keep in mind though, that this is one of the first pools that appeared and people trust their mining to this pool without any doubt whatsoever. Its service comes with a wallet-lock feature that protects your assets if your account gets stolen.