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Tether “The most used cryptocurrency than bitcoin”

As a stable currency, tether is indexed to the official currency of a country, in this case the U.S. dollar.

Tether is in third place on the list of the coin market cap, which makes it the most popular stable coin among this classification of cryptocurrencies.

The relationship that exists between the tether cryptocurrency and the US dollar, is directly proportional, that is, for each Tether’s coin is a dollar and this is backed in bank accounts.

The behavior of tether is stable because it is backed by the dollar, in the history of the behavior of its graph since its inception has been very stable at a general level, and is that its peaks and minimums have been from 0.98 to 1.06 dollar.

Brief history of tether

This cryptocurrency was first released   in July 2014, as a real coin, then it was renamed US tether, and then finally called USDT. Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins and Craig Sellars, were its founders.

Brock pierce, this engineer and co-founder of several high-profile projects in the industry, was co-founder of the venture capital firm BlockCain capital and with it managed to raise more than 800,00,0000 in fund.

Reeve Collins, was the executive director for the first 2 years of tether, then dedicated himself to other projects, for example, he is currently in charge of Smart Media Technologies.

Craig Sellars despite being one of the founders, is also engaged in other activities, such as working in other crypto companies and organizations.

How to make money with Tether

One of the main ways is to do trading, since tether represents the majority of tickets to buy bitcoin, Litecoin.

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It is one of the main sources or currencies to get other cryptocurrencies, it is a more used option than the dollar itself, and even the yuan, tether on the other hand has become a viability in terms of stability.

It should be noted that Tether represents a systemic risk to the entire crypto ecosystem, because if something happens with tether, undoubtedly the different transactions that were carried out through this will be affected.  


  • Very small fluctuation rates.
  • No fees or conversions.
  • Fast operations.


  • Little degree of acceptance.
  •  Little privacy, according to the deposit that must be made.

Worth investing in tether

As explained above, this cryptocurrency is backed by US dollars, that is to say that any investment thrown into this cryptocurrency is guaranteed in dollars.

It is very easy to realize that tether is a strong currency as far as fluctuations are concerned, just by looking at its behavioral charts we will have a clear example of stability.

This cryptocurrency for being tied to the dollar, we can already forget about fees and conversions, assuming this as a cryptocurrency with really very few elements of risk.

In addition, that tether is used by investors to avoid the extreme volatility of the other cryptocurrencies, while this maintains its worth in the market, es for these reasons it isconsidered, a safe and stable cryptocurrency, to invest.