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Shiba Inu Token Is Really Worth?

There is a new token in town, the Shiba dog token! Shiba Inu (SHIB) has proved to be really solid crypto and is growing expectations among its holders. It has reached an almost 3-million-dollar market cap, and some investors consider it a great opportunity.

The SHIB token has earned itself a name, but of course, as with all cryptos in the market, nobody knows if it will rise or not. Is investing in SHIB the winner strategy?

What is Shiba Inu?

The Shiba Inu token is a meme-coin created to fight the Dogecoin that is one of the best cryptos right now.  Despite being relatively new, the coin has progressed fast, and people think its price will rise for the number of people that support the token.

It’s important to know that SHIB is not really crypto but a token, it works thanks to the Etherum blockchain. Shiba token’s success looks forward to creating a great community, which is the idea of the meme-coins.

Although some experts and people who know how to study the blockchains state that is not a good token, others argue. But the SHIB token indeed has some tricks up its sleeve to become better crypto.

Remember that this is a decentralized token, you can get it from Uniswap and other wallets that support Shiba Inu, Binance for example.

The Strategies to increase the price of Shiba Inu token

The Shiba token has two important things to consider, the LEASH token and the BONE token are very special. Both will be given as special rewards from using SHIB in the new Shibaswap, and in a limited quantity.

The Shibaswap is the exchange system that will be created to trade SHIB among holders freely with decentralized transactions.

LEASH token

This is a future project that is directly related to Shiba Inu, and it will work with the Shibaswap. Only 100.000 LEASH will be available, which makes it a really juicy token to have.

BONE token

The BONE token is another project, similar to the LEASH, but it will probably be released first. There will be a limited number of them, and they will be awarded by making transactions in the Shibaswap system.

How is this important on Shiba Inu?


When the Shibaswap is available, holders will be able to exchange their Shiba Inu tokens freely. This combined with its great community is a power with a great reach, imagine the following scenario:

The great community by SHIB token starts requesting to different entities to accept Shiba Inu token as payment. Once they start accepting it, people will start using SHIB tokens to buy products.

This will obviously give it more support and will make the Shiba token more stable. Now, if you start buying with Shiba Inu using the Shibaswap, this will also grant you rewards like the BONE or LEASH tokens.

You can get really good money here, you will buy stuff, and receive money for it, this can be incredibly beneficial if used correctly.

Do you think investing in Shiba Inu is worth it? Would you invest money in these tokens?

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