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A good investment can totally change your personal finances. It may be a small thing but when an investment is made wisely, great changes are really seen in a person’s life.

Also, what was an investment has changed a lot with the passing of time. Likewise, what is currently considered an investment is nowhere near what an investment was 30 years ago, much of this thanks to current technologies that support many of the investments that are made.

A clear example of the latter, with cryptocurrencies, a kind of totally virtual alternative currency, which is decentralized. This means that these cryptocurrencies cannot be controlled by a banking or financial entity, nor by a government entity. Basically the price they have is governed by the supply and demand that each cryptocurrency has, as well as the volume that is in circulation, the current volume that is involved in daily transactions and much more.

Also, although it may seem a bit strange technology at first glance, it really is a very solid, very financially to its users, which is a modern, intelligent and quite ingenious investment. But, since the first cryptocurrencies came out, many have already been developed, so there is a wide variety to choose from. And for this reason, next, we will tell you about a very particular one, Neo.

What is Neo?

Neo is a truly decentralized Open Source platform that is based on a blockchain technology, which in turn has its own cryptocurrency of the same name. This, at first it was known as Antshare, was founded in 2014 by Da HonFei and Erik Zhang, and ended up changing its name to neo in 2017.

As such, the objective that was had in mind when the project was being built this platform was to be the basis for a smart economy using blockchain technology, as well as that of smart contracts in order to be able to produce and even manage different types of digital goods.

Likewise, the entire neo base network is based on proof-of-stake technology in a decentralized manner and is also highly tolerant of Byzantine faults. In addition, it runs through a number of central nodes, which helps the fact that it can support more than 10,000 transactions per second, which is quite impressive in terms of block technologies.

On the other hand, because this is a cryptocurrency that works with smart contracts, I want to do all kinds of interesting transactions. And, best of all, it can be done without the need for a third party or an intermediary, this being one of the central points behind cryptocurrencies.

Given this, it is possible to use Neo and its block technology to be able to get hold of all kinds of digital goods, such as illustrations, applications, programs, pages and much more. So it ends up being an excellent way to run your business if you are one of those people who trades through the sale of these different goods.

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