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Invest on Crypto: 4 Options to Earn in the long term

Invest in crypto, this phrase may seem scary at the first time, of course, and more in something so uncertain like crypto! However, cryptocurrencies have proven to be a satisfactory way to make money in different ways.

But of course, you should investigate and get all the information you can about crypto before investing. You can never get enough courses, advice, and information about your investment, we are talking about your money!

We are not telling you to go and invest in crypto, if you lose your money it will be under your responsibility. This is just an opinion, a general idea on cryptocurrencies you could invest in, and why they could be worth the try.

Invest in crypto!


This is considered to be one of the most solid blockchain projects there are and is a good option to place your bets. Cardano has a free-code blockchain and is always monitored by companies involved in the project.

It was created by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Etherum, and it has the ADA token. Another of its great characteristics is the possibility to make smart transactions practically unlimitedly.

This is considered to be the project that has the best trajectory, based on statistics and study. It’s first on this list because maybe it is the most solid blockchain to invest on.


The interesting thing about Etherum is that is more than a currency, it’s something that allows you to start a business! Etherum’s blockchain allows us to create decentralized apps that incorporate the blockchain on them. Etherum’s token is Ether (ETC).

This is why we have seen projects like “Axie Infinity” for example, that is growing popular in the community.

So, from a programmer’s perspective, is more than simply a currency, that is why is one of the most popular too. You should investigate more about it!


The old classic bitcoin (BTC), is and will always be one of the best to invest in crypto, the thing with bitcoin is really simple: Community. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created and nowadays is still the most solid and expensive of all.

The thing is that bitcoin came with its revolutionary idea to stay, and many people use bitcoin to buy from companies! This means that is taking the regular dollar’s place, which is something really big.

Maybe one day we will all be using bitcoins instead of American dollars! It’s simply one of the best investments we can do.


Litecoin (LTC) has one of the highest market caps that cryptocurrencies have, and it derives from Bitcoin. The token has taken the experts’ attention because it progressively having higher minimums.

The LTC is a good option to make small purchases, instead of trading directly with Bitcoin. Also, Litecoin is considerably faster than bitcoin, which makes it a better option to trade it.

Also, its mining algorithm is considerably superior and better optimized than bitcoins.

Remember that there is a lot more to know about in the crypto-world, but for starters, these are some of the best you can do.

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