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The arrival of new technologies that has occurred in recent decades has symbolized a great advance in terms of comfort, entertainment and even finances. Although a few decades ago we imagined that the 21st century would be full of space travel, space shuttles and holograms.

And, although that really is not the case at all today, we are going to see great advances in different areas; advances that we really only believed possible in our deepest dreams, and that many considered impossible. But thanks to the emergence of different brilliant minds, the use of today’s computers and the internet, wonderful things have been done in just the last 30 years.

Among those wonderful things, we can mention cryptocurrencies, a type of alternative currency that is not supported in the same way as common currencies, which can be obtained through mining that is supported through the technologies of blockchain and that is becoming more popular in different media.

Given this, and as a result of the creation of Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies have been developed with their own characteristics that make each one unique and different, so each of them has its own number of followers. But, it is not surprising to see that some weights are more popular than others, as is the case with Ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum, as such, is a type of platform that is totally Open Source, which is frequently used to program all kinds of smart contracts. This itself is a fully decentralized platform, which unlike many other chainblocks. Also, platform in the option of being programmable, and since it is Open Source, any developer can use it and be able to develop decentralized applications.

These applications are called dapps, and they generally enjoy the same benefits as the same Ethereum cryptocurrency, Ether, as well as the support of the same blockchain technology. Also, due to the way blockchain technology works, they turn out to be extremely reliable since they will run without any problem.

Likewise, due to the technology that Ethereum has in smart contracts, people use it to be able to carry out all kinds of legal transactions without having the need for an intermediary, so that different people can have negotiations directly, as happens with the NFTs.


Of course, Ethereum has had quite a stir over time, and due to its own technology it has turned out to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrency-related technologies in the world. This makes it no surprise to know that the cryptocurrency of this platform, Ether, is bought and sold very often, it has the support of the same blockchain technology that makes Ethereum so characteristic, being an extremely stable cryptocurrency in terms price, as well as the volume that is in the market between the different users, which is surprising considering that this is a cryptocurrency that is not from a Kickstarter project.

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