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Your personal finances should be something extremely important to you; and not be, you should rethink it. We comment on this since as time goes by it is likely that you will realize that you cannot live your life thinking about the expenses that you are going to make on the same day.

In fact, it should be the opposite, in reality you should have an excellent spending plan throughout a month or a predetermined period of time, so that you can correctly perform your money, and you can also make purchases or investments intelligently.

Also, when we talk about investments, many people think of investing in a large business such as a restaurant, or in stocks. And, faced with this, many people think that these investments are something that only people who have a large amount of capital are. And while this is partly true, investments are not only limited to things as big as investing in a business, as complicated as managing stocks on the stock market can be.

The latter is due to the emergence of cryptocurrencies. So it is not surprising that you are interested in being able to invest in a particular cryptocurrency, since anyone with some money and access to the correct technologies can do it. And, in case you’re wondering which cryptocurrency you should invest in, you might want to consider Ada, Cardano’s cryptocurrency.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain that was developed entirely under open source, which still exists in the same form. In addition, form is quite noticeable because it has a system of smart contracts, one quite similar to the system that Ethereum has on its platform. This itself is not surprising, given that Cardano was developed at the hands of Charles Hoskinson, one of the people responsible for the creation of Ethereum. 

Likewise, as with Ethereum and other platforms, Cardano uses Bitcoin as its base and inspiration, although it has subtle differences with both platforms that make it attractive to different people.

It is said that Hoskinson left the Ethereum project, after having a discussion with the other creator about maintaining the non-profit platform. Soon after, he would start developing the Cardano platform, and his own cryptocurrency, Ada.

What makes it special?

As we all know, bitcoin works from a fairly specialized proof-of-work system. As a result of this, Cardano takes inspiration, but creates and operates from a totally different system called Ouroboros, which works from proof-of-stake technology. This, fights birds of 2 entries in the blockchain, in which Cardano only used the first entry of the chain, and then only verified the honesty of it locally without the need for a third party.

The second layer is that of calculation, which is quite similar in technical terms to that of Ethereum, which allows the creation of smart contracts, as well as applications of the same nature. So it ends up having a pretty unique way of working, that a lot of people find atractive and effective.

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