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Today’s financial world is full of all kinds of new investments. By this we mean the fact that nowadays investments are made in all kinds of things, many of which we did not even imagine that it was impossible to invest in them. But thanks to technological advances, the vast majority of us have at hand the possibility of investing or being part of different markets worldwide.

And, one of the investments that is attracting the most attention to most people throughout the internet, is investing in cryptocurrencies. These are becoming more and more popular in the general culture of different generations alive today. Much of this thanks to the different media that make great efforts to cover the topic of cryptocurrencies, as well as different organizations and groups that are dedicated to their proliferation.

Certainly, the current financial landscape of cryptocurrencies is a very different one from what was seen 10 years ago. And, if you don’t believe it, you just have to go and try to buy or sell any type of cryptocurrency on Binance, and see the level of quality in which the site is involved.

What is Binance?

 Binance is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This was formed in 2017, and since then it has left a very large mark in the market and in the middle of cryptocurrencies because it is the site with the highest volume of exchange worldwide.

Likewise, the platform has proven to be quite valuable for different traders, since it is not only reliable, but it is also easy to use. Even, from the moment you enter its website, the option to download the mobile application that works extremely well.

But, despite how stable and recommended this platform has been for many people, Binance has shown to have certain transparency problems with its users, to the point where it is said that money is laundered on the platform and what is the host of various illegal or dangerous activities.

Your cryptocurrencies

Despite the accusations against it, Binance remains one of the leading platforms in cryptocurrency trading, and they have backed this up with two of their own cryptocurrencies created just a few months after the original platform was created. These are Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Now, before you think that they can be two dangerous cryptocurrencies considering the recent events of police investigations. In fact, they are extremely profitable, and have a fairly high volume of trading within the market, enough to be able to compete with several of the largest.

In fact, Binance lets its users pay the exchange fees through their own cryptocurrencies, giving one more reason to be able to trade through a cryptocurrency that has an interesting capitalization within the current market. So don’t take these two coins too lightly as they are quite profitable. Although the latest allegations may be a hinder for these on the way forward, some people assure that  since it is a cryptocurrency, nothing will happen with their existence, and everything will just stay the way it is right now in terms of trading.

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