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Axie Infinity Android on demand!


Axie Infinity is one of the popular crypto games that are becoming real monsters in the market. Each day it surprises us more with its incredible winning rates and stories from people who have made quite a lot of money with it. Axie infinity’s community wants it to come to android and that sure would be amazing.

Axie Infinity has proved to be an interesting way to win money with a cute game, would you try it out? Keep reading to have more details!

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a browser game that is based on Etherum’s blockchain technology, the game allows you to earn crypto playing it! Rewards and objects that you can win through your adventure can be traded for “Smooth Love Potions” (SLP) or AXS.

Both of these are tradable tokens that you can exchange for Etherum, and that you can earn in different ways in-game. It’s incredible how we can make money with video games nowadays.

Axie Infinity consists of breeding and rising creatures similar to Pokemons called “Axies” which have a value on the market. The price fluctuates depending on the abilities and characteristics of the Axies, some have been sold for more than 100.000$!

Axie Infinity android is being demanded so you can win crypto on your phone now! Of course, the game requires you to buy three Axies so you can start playing.

Axie Infinity is really worth trying?


Axie Infinity has existed for quite some time now and lately has been popularized a lot, for the crazy amount of money it reports. The problem is, as always, that they are based on theoretically unstable cryptocurrencies.

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However, in practice, we have seen quite good results for people who have tried, and the prices of Axies have risen incredibly. The only thing is that you have to make a really tough initial investment to buy three Axies so you start playing.

From the practical point of view is interesting. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up selling the Axies back to recover your investment. If you are someone who enjoys video games, is a great opportunity for you to shine here.

Just don’t be greedy, is the best advice I can give you, the greedy people usually lose with crypto.

How to earn money with Axie?

Many people are craving Axie Infinity android so they can have control over the attention the account requires to produce income. The process to win money is really easy, you just have to play it as another regular game, and win rewards.

Those rewards can be sold in the game’s marketplace for real money, in Etherum. Some people are even directly buying the game’s currency, which is a token based on Etherum’s blockchain.

Of course, if you learn the strategies and familiarize yourself with the mechanics, you can be better at the game, which means more money. So this is your golden ticket to earn money playing video games, this is not fiction! Are you up to the task?

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